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DriveRite is made up of the ex-SAFRA Motor Sports Club’s (SMSC) original Driver Training Team. DriveRite aims to:

    Promote safe, responsible and courteous motoring
    Provide comprehensive car control education and training
    Provide affordable and fun Grassroots Motorsports events

for both new and experienced drivers, as well as car, motoring and motorsports enthusiasts in Singapore.

DriveRite currently delivers Driving Courses via its three on-line brands:


DriveRite currently organises Driving-related Events via its four Grassroots Motorsports brands:

   Circuit Type-K (Go Karting)
   Tarmac Auto-X (Autocross & Gymkhana)
   Tarmac Rally-X (Track Driving)
   TracKhana ("Tactical" Track Driving)

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