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Defensive Car Control Course (DCCC)
DefensiveDriving.Sg's DCCC will empower you with advanced defensive driving techniques for survival driving to keep your passengers, your car and you safe during emergency situations and adverse weather conditons.

Learn more about driving hazards, vehicle dynamics. Practice essential "life-saving" car control techniques to stop faster, avoid collisions and a loss of control due to front or rear wheel skids (Understeer or Oversteer). These techniques work, whether you drive a car, MPV or SUV.

On completion of the DCCC, graduates who wish to advance their driving skills further (and perform close quarter-style driving) are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Car Control Course (ACCC) conducted by AdvancedDriving.Sg.

Other customised Defensive Driving Courses are aslo available on request:
    Theory (Classroom) only Courses
    Practical (Hands-on) only Courses
    Theory + Practical Courses

Advanced Car Control Course (ACCC)
AdvancedDriving.Sg's ACCC will reveal the "secrets" of advanced Rally-style driving on how to put your car where you want it, when you want it. You'll be able to use these techniques in close quarter driving in the concrete jungle, on a Gymkhana course, or even in a WRC Special Stage!

Learn more about vehicle and driver dynamics. Practice advanced car control techniques for controlling and having fun with your car like you never thought possible! It doesn't matter if your car is stock, automatic or Front-Wheel-Drive; whatever you drive, this course is for enthusiasts like you.

On completion of the ACCC, graduates who wish to advance their driving skills further (and perform Russ Swift-style stunts) are eligible to enroll in the Stunt and Precison Driving Course (SPDC) conducted by StuntDriving.Sg.

Stunt and Precision Driving Course (SPDC)
StuntDriving.Sg's SPDC will teach you how to perform some of the most awesome car stunts you see on TV, in the movies and car shows. You’ll be able to stunt drive like a pro, choreograph your very own stunt routine and make movie “magic”!

Learn more about the tricks of the trade. Practice making a car perform spectacular, fun and adrenaline-pumping manoeuvres that you never thought possible! Whether you drive a car, MPV or SUV, this course is for brave daredevils like you.

Basic Powersliding & Drifting Course (BPDC)
Drifting.Sg's BPDC will teach you how to start burning rubber and going sideways, step-by-step. Learn how to initiate, hold and trasition a slide/drift. Come experience the surreal feeling of going sideways to move forward for yourself. Be forewarned: Drifting can be addictive!

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